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February 23, 2021

Bridgerton Fans Watch Party

Join the iCrowd Remote Audience for a Bridgerton Watch Party.

We will be getting together to watch Bridgerton every Tuesday at 7:45pm EST.
Stream Bridgerton from your personal Netflix Account to any device while interacting with other Watch Party goers using the iCrowd App from your phone.
Let’s private chat with one another, applaud your favorite scenes, boo and groan when you don’t like something, and – the best part – every user can create their own unique sound or phrase for the Watch Party!

To download the iCrowd Live Sound Board app and create an account go to:

This event repeats every Tuesday for 8 weeks (one episode per week). To join the Watch Party weekly, download the app, create your account and then enter the following event code for each weekly episode.

February 2 code: BWPNS1E1
February 9 code: BWPNS1E2
February 16 code: BWPNS1E3
February 23 code: BWPNS1E4
March 2 code: BWPNS1E5
March 9 code: BWPNS1E6
March 16 code: BWPNS1E7
March 23 code: BWPNS1E8

You are a part of the LIVE CROWD with iCrowd!

iCrowd is not affiliated with Netflix.

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